History and scope

A plasma is a gas in which some or all of the atomic or molecular constituents have been ionized by losing at least one electron. The plasma is therefore an ensemble of neutral and cheged species in which the latter constitutes a significant contribution to the global properties of the gas by virtue of their collective electromagnetic character and altered transport properties.

The IOP Plasma Physics Group supports plasma researchers across all the relevant science frontiers: from fusion (magnetic and laser) to astrophysics, encompassing technical applications (power generation, industrial processes, plasma medicine) and fundamental theory (kinetic waves, ultra-relativistic dynamics, radiation processes). 

The spring conference welcomes papers from the fusion, laser, technological and astrophysical communities, and encourages a diverse science and engineering community to gather for an inspirational exchange of ideas from workers at the forefront of progress. 


Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline extended:
    22 February 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    25 April 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    4 May 2016


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